Online Learning on the city

Since 2014, TU Delft has produced over 150 online courses on subjects that matter and built on the strengths of our faculties. Delft’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have already attracted almost 2,5 million learners world -wide. Sustainability is one of the leading themes in the online portfolio. The three courses are related to this Delft Outlook’s theme: the City.

Zero Energy Buildings

This course introduces you to zero energy design. It will teach you a stepped approach to design a zero energy climate concept for existing buildings: homes, schools, offices, shops etc. It will demonstrate how an integrated approach, which takes into account both passive measures (such as thermal insulation and sun shading) and active measures (such as heat pumps and photovoltaic panels), can deliver the best results.

Instructors: professor Andy van den Dobbelsteen (Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment), Siebe Broersma (Researcher and Lecturer at the Chair of Climate Design & Sustainability), Eric van den Ham (Lecturer of Climate Design and Building Physics, Faculty of A&BE)

Start date: 3 April 2019

Sustainable Urban Development

The course is set up in a unique matrix format that lets you pursue your line of interest along a specific metropolitan challenge or a specific theme. You will have the opportunity to explore the living conditions in your own city and compare your living environment with that of the global community. You will discover possible solutions for your city’s challenges and what it takes to implement these solutions. Your participation will also contribute to wider research into metropolitan regions as complex systems.

Instructors: Arjan van Timmeren (Professor of Environmental Technology & Design and Lead Principle Investigator of the Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS)), Mariette Overschie (Researcher and Lecturer Engineering for Sustainable Development and Technology Assessment, Faculty of TPM

Start date: anytime (self-paced)

Managing Building Adaptation

The biggest sustainability challenge for cities worldwide is adapting existing obsolescent buildings and making them future-proof. In this course, you will learn about adapting buildings for sustainability. This course first introduces you to the challenging management task of redeveloping buildings for future use. Then you will learn how different management tools can be used to convert old buildings for sustainable reuse. 

Instructors: Erwin Heurkens (Assistant professor Urban Development Management), Hilde Remøy (Associate professor of Real Estate Management, Faculty of A&BE), Gerard van Bortel (Assistant professor of Housing Management), Jelle Koolwijk (Research associate of Design & Construction Management) 

Start date: anytime (self-paced)

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