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Hydrogen has been called the missing link in the energy system of the future.

Green hydrogen brings electricity and gas together

Hydrogen is the ultimate CO2-free energy carrier.

Elektrolysis awaits scale up

The method of electrolysing water to create hydrogen is more than two centuries old.

Marine life may benefit from hydrogen production

Hydrogen and oysters seem to have little in common at first sight.

Nanomaterials for hydrogen production

Ruud van Ommen is developing techniques to produce nanomaterials on an industrial scale.

Hydrogen in a solid carrier

The hydrogen carrier sodium boron hydride can be made to release twice as much hydrogen.

Floating blanket of solar panels

Researchers from TU Delft, MARIN, NIOZ and TNO believe that you have to think big if you want to produce hydrogen at sea.

Underground hydrogen storage

A huge amount of storage capacity will be required to get the hydrogen economy off the ground.

Integrating wind energy in the electricity grid

Wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. According to professor Dominic von Terzi, offshore wind farms will need to diversify if they…

How the natural gas network is helping the energy transition

The extensive Dutch gas network could be an important asset to make green hydrogen available to a large public.

Hydrogen drone

Researchers from the micro aerial vehicle laboratory (MAV lab) have created a drone that runs on hydrogen and can take off and land…

‘Safety and security are part of almost every technological development’

He wants the Safety & Security Institute to make the Netherlands and the rest of the world safer, but why are safety and security so…

Everything becomes fluid under pressure

Quotes were being bandied about: ‘Everything becomes fluid under pressure’, ‘Never waste a good crisis’, Johan Cruyff’s legendary ‘Every…

The firm - VanBoven

Predicting the harvest of fresh vegetables like broccoli using data and drones.

Dinosaur skull rises from a 3D point cloud

The Triceratops skull is back in the Science Centre.