About us

Delft University Fund supports TU Delft by contributing to research, education and talent development. We support that TU Delft can be among the best in the world. We build a bridge between TU Delft, its alumni and companies. Our motto is: Team up with Excellence.

The team of Delft University Fund works together to reinforce research, education and individual talent development at TU Delft. The board consists of representatives from the top of business, private acquisition & banking, consultancy and the executive board of TU Delft.

With donations from alumni, employees, private individuals, foundations and companies that support science, we enable talented students and scientists to realise their ambitions and realise social impact.

Executive Board

None of the members of the executive board receive an emolument.

Team Delft University Fund

Team Delft University Fund 

From left to right:  Ella Dongstra, Cindy de Visser, Ingrid Janssen, Evelyne Esveld, Jacqueline Kalkman, Machteld von Oven and Eelco Akkerboom (not on this picture).
Contact: Ufonds@tudelft.nl

Alumni Relations Team

Team Alumni Relations

From left to right: Janneke Hermans, Angeline Westbroek, Robin Bormans, Renske Vugts
en Anouk Dijkstal.
Contact: alumnirelations@tudelft.nl

Grant Executive Committee

The Grant Executive Committee consists of 11 representatives, designated by their respective faculties at TU Delft. This Committee is responsible for determining how the grants are allocated and makes independent decisions concerning student grant applications. 

ANBI status

Delft University Fund is a foundation with ANBI (organisation serving the public interest)) status. This means that donations made to the Delft University Fund may be deductible from taxable income. Further information can be found (in Dutch) on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration. The official Dutch name of the Delft University Fund is Stichting Universiteitsfonds Delft. It is registered under Chamber of Commerce number 411.45.319 with tax reference number 0027.60.502. For further information about our results and financial accounts, we refer you to our Annual Reports and our half yearly magazine 'Vriendenbericht' (available in Dutch only).