The ‘Delftsch Hoogechoolfonds’ was founded on 30th June 1925 and laid down in a deed by the notary public Dr. P.B. Libourel in Delft. The founding act was signed by dozens of professors and several captains of industry.

Article two of this deed reads:

“The aim of the “Delftsch Hoogeschoolfonds” is to promote the interests of the “Technische Hoogeschool” and all who study at this institution, as well as those engaged in technological and affiliated sciences, by making use of the relevant resources in the broadest sense of the word”.

The capital (in 1925 it was Dfl. 9,635. 83) was devoted to the following purposes:

  • Endowed Chairs
  • Private lectureships
  • Lectures, colloquia, courses
  • Technical-scientific research
  • Procurement of instruments for other purposes.