Student Friend

Welcome as a student friend to Delft University Fund!

We are happy that we, thanks to our TU Delft alumni donors, have been able to support you with a FAST grant. We hope that this grant has helped you to realise your ambitious project. In return, we ask your to give us permission to collect yearly €5,- from your bank account. With this donation you give other students the opportunity to realise their ambition.

By applying the below mandate form, you authorize Delft University Fund to yearly withdraw the Student Friend contribution of €5,-

UfD - Machtigingsformulier Studentvriend ENG

UfD - Machtigingsformulier Studentvriend ENG

SEPA Direct Debit

If you do not agree with a direct debit, you can have it returned. Please contact your bank within 8 weeks of the direct debit and ask for the conditions. The direct debit ID from Delft University Fund is NL44 ZZZ 4114 5319 0000.Fields with a * are necessary to process your donation.

Personal data
Delft University Fund uses your data to process and record your donation and to inform you about the activities and work of the University Fund. Your personal details will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and will never be provided to third parties. Please read our privacy statement here.

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