Direct debit

Do you want to do more than a one-time gift? It is also possible to support Delft  University Fund by means of an automatic direct debit. You can donate a set amount monthly, quarterly or (semi) annually. By making a regular donation, you are supporting Delft University Fund on a more structural basis, which allows us to better address opportunities and challenges in support of TU Delft. Your direct debit authorisation can be cancelled at any time.

Follow the following steps: 

  1. Go to our donation form 
  2. Choose the period and the amount you want to donate
  3. Fill in the other details
  4. Submit the form online (click submit).

We will send you a confirmation of your donation.

Do you want to support for at least 5 years but also have the benefit of tax deduction? Then a donation via notarial deed  may be something for you. You can find more information on notarial deeds here.  

If you live outside the Netherlands, you can make a donation quickly and simply with a standing order if you live in one of the SEPA countries. SEPA is the abbreviation for Single Euro Payments Area. Countries that are part of SEPA have made mutual agreements about simplifying financial transfers. 

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