Clean hands are the last line of defence to minimise the chances of infection and communication is key to ensuring awareness of the benefits and consequences of poor hygiene. Unfortunately many people in cannot even perform this simple act due to lack of knowledge and lack to access to sanitation.

We have created a tool-kit to communicate different DIY methodologies that aim to guide people on how to build hand wash stations with the use of local materials and craft. The tool-kit will also act as an educational tool on the sanitary practices and their importance to prevent disease. It will be embodied in both physical and digital forms, including posters, booklets and in the future also maybe an app.

Whilst the current focus is on COVID-19 prevention, we also recognise that hand washing and access to sanitation is of critical importance for lowering the burden of disease in general.

Help us battle covid-19

With your donation we can organise workshops with local sanitation partners in different communities in Ghana and hopefully in the future also in Uganda and Mozambique. During these workshops we can educate people about why people need to wash their hand and how they should do it.

Also we will teach people how to build a handwashing station. With only €10,- you can provide the material to build one. Sponsor use with more and you can help build more handwashing stations for those in needs and help to spread our message.

All our work will be transparent and open-access. On everyone can access our material. Everyone, including an illiterate farmer in the savanna who wants to care for his children, or local school teacher who wants to educate the children, or an energised NGO worker who wants to set up a sanitation program, or an local entrepreneur who wants to create a positive change with his business, even the secretary general of the UN should be able to access the material.

Help use battle covid-19 and help people with simple act of washing their hands.

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UFD - Global Handwashing Initiative