Donations via notarial deed

By making a regular donation, you are supporting the Delft University Fund on a structural basis. The donation will be recorded in a notarial or private donation agreement. A key condition is that the agreement must run for at least five years and involve a minimum of one donation per year. By signing up for a regular donation, you are providing the Delft University Fund with security for the future.

The advantage of a regular donation
If you opt to make a regular donation, it will be completely deductible from your taxable income. This means that you will have part of your donation refunded by the Tax and Customs Administration. You can benefit by up to 52%. The amount that you benefit depends on your income, that of your fiscal partner and how old you both are. To get an idea of the tax advantage, use the donation calculator.

To compile a notarial deed or to obtain further information, please contact Tineke Hoogeboom. Further information on regular donations can also be found (in Dutch) on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

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