Donations via notarial deed

By making a donation via notarial deed, you are supporting Delft University Fund on a more structural basis. This allows us to better address opportunities and challenges in support of TU Delft. Your gift is recorded in a notarial or private donation agreement. A condition for this is that the term is at least five years, whereby an amount is donated at least once a year.

The advantage of a donation via notarial deed 
If you opt for a notarial deed, your gift is fully deductible from your taxable income. This means that you will receive a part of your gift back from the tax authorities. Your advantage can be up to 49,5%; the amount depends on your income, the income of your tax partner and your age. You can calculate an indication of the benefit with the gift calculator. The agreement does not bare any additional costs and does not require the assistance of a notary.

How does it work?
The agreement applies to residents of the Netherlands 

  1. Decide what amount per year you want to donate.
  2. Fill in the donation agreement (you can download it here). 
  3. Mail the donation agreement to
  4. Delft University Fund will return the agreement to you after processing.
  5. You use the transaction number on the agreement for your tax return.

Jacqueline Kalkman Baijens