Even after your lifetime, you can still contribute to the future of TU Delft. In a will, you can decide what happens to your legacy. Thanks to your legacy, new generations of students and researchers at TU Delft will be able to develop and make a valuable contribution to society themselves.

A will must be drawn up with a civil-law notary. Everything you leave in your will will benefit the cause of your choice. The Delft University Fund is not required to pay inheritance tax.You can include the Delft University Fund in your will in the form of a legacy, a clearly-described donation or a specified sum of money.

Delft University Fund as a beneficiary in your will
You can also name the Delft University Fund as the beneficiary or one of the beneficiaries alongside family members or other good causes in your will. Your assets will then be distributed among the beneficiaries according to what you have specified in your will.
For further information or personal advice, please contact Machteld von Oven at m.w.vonoven@tudelft.nl or on +31 (0)6  81060919.