Your Named Fund

Would you like to offer lasting tax-deductible support to TU Delft in a personal way and contribute to promoting and supporting education, research, talent development and entrepreneurship?  A Named Fund is a special way of donating, during life or through a legacy. You can set up a Named Fund from €50,000 in one lump sum or in five annual instalments. Most private individuals opt for a periodic gift for at least 5 years, because this gift is fully tax-deductible.

You can determine the name and purpose of the fund yourself. So, you can choose what the donation is spent on. You outsource  the responsibility for awarding, administering and accounting for fund to Delft University Fund. This saves you the effort of all formalities involved and guarantees continuity. A combination of a gift during life that is supplemented after death from the estate is also possible. This enables you to enjoy the direct impact of your support.
In consultation with Delft University Fund and TU Delft, you determine the destination for the assets and discuss any other wishes you may have.

Existing Named Fund
Do you recognize yourself in the objectives of an existing Named Fund? Then you can also choose to allocate your donation there.

Cindy de Visser

Do you want to have more information or receive personal advice about your named fund?

Please contact Cindy de Visser via: or call: +31 (0) 6 41612248.