Best Professor Award

Every year, Delft University Fund presents the Professor of Excellence Award. This award acknowledges a TU Delft professor who excels in education and research and inspires students and PhD students.

The award
The award consists of a cash prize of €15,000, a silver medal and a Delft University Fund certificate. The prize also consists of two intercontinental KLM business class tickets. 

Candidates & conditions
The deans of the faculties, the directors of education and study associations can nominate candidates. Of course, the candidates must meet a number of conditions:

  • The candidate excels in the quality of their research and teaching;
  • This quality has an exceptional impact on students and PhD candidates;
  • The candidate has a research reputation and international contacts.

Submitting proposals - pre-selection
For the preselection, we request that candidates are presented before 24 April 2020 by means of a letter of motivation from the Dean and a letter of motivation from the study association of the faculty. These letters should explain why the Dean and study association nominate the potential Professor of Excellence. On the basis of these letters, the jury selects a top 3. Only the selected top 3 will be asked to compile a more extensive proposal before 3 June 2020.

We would like to receive the letter of motivation from the Dean and the study association digitally via



Extensive proposal for nomination top 3 candidates
The extensive proposal only has to be submitted by the selected top 3 candidates. This is possible until 3 June 2020. The proposal must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A recent CV including relevant information on the teaching and research aspect and a list of publications;
  • Potential positive impact for TU Delft;
  • A supporting letter from the dean;
  • A supporting letter from the board of the study association or associations where the candidate does most of his/her teaching;
  • At least three letters of recommendation from former MSc and/or PhD students.

Nominations can be submitted via the dean of the faculty concerned. Student nominations are processed by the board of the programme study association.

Nominations are assessed by a TU Delft selection committee and the chair of the Delft University Fund, A. van Keulen. The selection committee is made up of professors who have previously received the Best Professor award themselves.

Any questions? If so, please contact Jacqueline Kalkman on +31 (0)15 – 278 6409 or via: Interested in the  previous winners of this award? Take a look at our list of Best Professor award-winners.

Want to attend the award ceremony 2020?

That's possible!

When: 31 August, 11.00 AM
Where: Senaatszaal, Auditorium Conference Center, TU Delft

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