Apply for grant

If you are a TU Delft student or study association and would like to apply to the University Fund for a grant, it is important to follow the five steps below. Applications can only be assessed if all the mentioned five steps are fully completed. The dates for submitting grant applications can be found in the agenda.

Step 1: At first, read the FAQs

Step 2: Prepare the requested documents. Read ‘How do I apply for a grant?’

Step 3: Before sending it in, discuss your application with the representative of the Grant Allocation Committee in your faculty. Download this form (confirmation that you discussed your application) and make sure that this form gets signed by the representative. Please note: this conversation is not a confirmation that you will receive the grant. Upload the form on the online application form (mentioned in step 4 below).

Step 4: Complete the application form.  Make sure you do this before the application deadline!

Important information:

Apply for a grant before the start of your project
Only future project expenditure is eligible for a grant. For this reason, you should always submit an application before the project begins. 

Submit your application on time 
In the agenda, you will find the deadlines for submitting grant applications. The dates on which the Implementation Committee meets are also listed there. This is the committee that decides whether a grant will be awarded. Any applications received after the deadline will not be assessed. They can be resubmitted for the next round of applications. 

Your own financial contribution
Are you applying for a grant individually or together with other students? Please be aware that you (and if applicable, the other students) will also have to contribute financially. Depending on the type of application and the total grant amount, this will usually be one-third. Your faculty also has to make a compulsory contribution of around one-third. The Delft University Fund contributes the remaining one-third. 
The Implementation Committee will determine the amount of the grant. This may differ from the amount specified in the application.

When you apply for a grant as a group
Applications for a grant as a group, for example for the same project with several people, must be submitted as one application.

If you have questions about a grant application, you can contact the secretary's office:

Gebouw 21
Prometheusplein 1
2628 ZC Delft
Tel. (015) 278 65 14