Peter Paul Petrich PhD Scholarship

Exceptionally good master students in Applied Mathematics can submit their own idea for a research project.

At this moment subscriptions have been closed.


Students (Dutch and international) in the master’s degree programme of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (DIAM) in preparation for their doctoral research project at the TU Delft

Applications conditions

  • Student has completed the bachelor’s degree programme cum laude to TU Delft standards;
  • Student has completed the first year of the master’s degree programme nominal;
  • Student is enrolled in their second year of the master’s degree program at the TU Delft.

Application process

  • Student submits a plan for doctoral research, including a proposal for a intended advising promotor and a research plan including a schedule, and a motivational letter;
  • The intended advising promotor writes a letter of recommendation;
  • The new application application date will be announced soon.

Jury and assessment

The examination criteria will completely been determined by a jury. The nominated candidates and the final selection for the winner/final selected winner will be described in a summarised jury report.


Preliminary stage

  • Written preselection by the jury in November;
  • At the end of November: nominated candidates will be announced.
  • 2nd half December: a closed presentation by the selected candidates, evaluated by the jury, presentation ( document) of the scholarship, in the presence of Mr. J.P. Peterich and eventually a re-presentative of the Delft University Foundation, In the 2nd half of December, the selected candidates will make a presentation to the Jury in a closed session in the presence of Mr. Peterich and eventually a representative of the Delft University Foundation.

During PhD

  • The winner can carry out the doctoral research project at the Technical University Delft;
  • At the end of the first year the PhD student will be evaluated (for a go/no go assessment) to determine whether their research project will continue. If the research fails to meet the jury’s standards, the scholarship will be set on hold until a new candidate can be found.
  • Yearly the PhD student will report to the Peter Paul Peterich Fonds.

About Peter Paul Peterich Fund

The Peter Paul Peterich Fund manages the legacy of Mr. Peter Paul Peterich – collector, poet and mecenas (1933-2000). Aside from the cultural sector in the Netherlands, especially the Dutch poetry, the foundation supports independent scientific education and research. The board of the Peter Paul Peterich Fund defines Mathematics as the most poetic of applied sciences. To provide financial support to a PhD candidate ‘with exquisite qualities’ in applied mathematics, is one of the primary ambitions of the Peter Paul Peterich Fund.

A list of all previous winners of the Peter Paul Petrich Scholarship can be found here.