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Connecting to practice

The resources for the Delta Futures Lab come from internal and external contributions and the pooled in-kind education and research resources of the faculties of Civil Engineering, Architecture and the Built Environment, Policy and Management of TU Delft. Societal partners participate in cash and contribute lectures, internships, projects and supervision to multi-disciplinary project teams and master thesis projects within their portfolio. In return, they receive access to state-of-art knowledge, innovations and promising, well trained and responsible professionals.

Become a project partner?
There are various possibilities to become a project partner. We are looking for partners who like to be involved in a transdisciplinary educational setting. The contribution can, for example, consist of supervision of graduate students, giving lunch lectures, participation in workshops. In return, students and staff will think along with you about how to cope with the challenges of the future.

Propose a new project?
New projects that fit in the mission of the Lab are very welcome. Just contact us and we’ll discuss how to make them a suitable part of our student’s education.

Contact persons are:
Fransje Hooimeijer for Architecture & the Built Environment

Jos Timmermans for Technology, Policy & Management

Mark Voorendt for Hydraulic Engineering


Friday is Delta Futures lab day. Starting from mid-September students and staff gather every Friday at the Bouwcampus (location: Van der Burghweg 1, 2628 CS Delft).
• Morning: coaching and student and project intakes
• Lunch: public lectures and student’s presentations
• Afternoon: interdisciplinary working sessions

See agenda for the specific program of the upcoming Fridays