Overall view Workshop EWI

Wire EDM

  • Various Fanuc wire EDM machines, including a six-axis machine
  • Maximum X – Y table travel: 370 x 270 mm with a height of 255 mm
  • Maximum travel of the U and V axes: 60 mm
  • Wire EDM with 0.25 mm and 0.10 mm wire. 0.05 mm wire can be used if necessary.


Fanuc wire EDM machine

Micro EDM

  • Sarix SX200 micro EDM machine: zinc wire machine with a wire EDM unit
  • X – Y table travel: 250 x 150 mm with a height range of +/- 200 mm
  • 4th axis
  • A precision of 0.005 to 0.01 mm can be achieved
  • Working range (XYZ): 350 x 200 x 200 mm




  • Small Tec discharge microdrilling machine
  • Drilling holes from diameters of 0.02 mm with a depth of 0.05 mm (2xD to 5xD).
  • Nanowave milling machine and a micro lathe
  • For very small components that can be made through lathing and milling

Smalltec discharge drilling machine

Nanowave, micro turning machine


Milling: A wide range of very precise milling work is possible.

Fehlman Picomax 825 Versa:

  • Enhanced precision version
  • Precision: 0.001 mm per axis
  • Ability to mill 5 axes simultaneously
  • Equipped with an Erowa zero-point workholding system

Fehlman P90, P60, P56 TOP and several P55 machines

  • With the 4th and/or 5th rotation axis
  • Well-suited for carrying out complex fine-precision milling
  • Ability to work with milling depths of up to 0.01 mm.
  • A CNC simultaneous 5-axis milling machine with a maximum table travel of 850 x 700 mm and a height of up to 500 mm

Multiple Hermle CNC simultaneous 5-axis milling machines

  • A maximum table travel of 850 x 700 mm and a height of up to 500 mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 1400 kg (Hermle C40)

CNC simultaneous 3-axis machine (Hermle U1130):

  • A maximum table travel of 700 x 1100 mm and a height of up to 800 mm

Various conventional milling machines:


  • Maximum table travel of 600 x 800

Control Panel of Hermle C40U

Fehlman Picomax 825 Versa


  • CNC lathing using powered tools and a controlled C-axis to modify the top surface or the outside of the workpiece in a clamp
  • Conventional lathe with a maximum diameter of 450 mm and a length of 800 mm


Maximum modification dimensions: Diameter 275 x 400 mm and diameter 150 x 750 mm

Plastic 3D printing

Two build platforms with different sizes:

  • 1 platform is 115 x 72 x 230 mm with an xy resolution of 30 µm and
  • 1 platform is 84 x 52.5 x 230 mm with an xy resolution of 21.5 µm
  • Both platforms have a z-axis resolution of at least 25 µm.

Various types of plastic material can be printed

  • High temperature resistant material
  • Ceramic-filled plastics
  • Wax (for casting moulds)
  • Biocompatible materials
  • ABS and rubber-like materials



3D Metal printing

Sisma Mysint 100 PM

  • Building volume of 100 x 100 mm high in diameter
  • In principle, stainless steel is used for printing, but other materials such as aluminium, titanium and bronze are also possible
  • The printer is fitted with a glove box to enable reactive materials such as titanium to be printed.

Modifying plastic

There is a separate workplace for modifying plastics

  • Modifications to a wide variety of plastics are possible
  • CNC milling, lathing, sawing and planing
  • Connecting plastics by welding or glueing
  • Bending the plate and tube

Sisma Mysint 100 PM

Water jet cutting

Details of the micro waterjet cutter:

Manufactured by OMAX

Work envelope: 650 x 650 mm

Axes: controlled X, Y and A axes , fixed Z axis

Precision: high precision of 0.01 mm

Cutting area: from 0.1 mm to 25 mm material thickness  (depends on material). With tilted jet, enabling dead square cutting on one side without divergence.

Cutting pressure: 2800 bar (water leaves cutting nozzle at 300m/s)

Options: Automatic abrasive feed system, abrasive removal system with hopper, water softener.


Laser welding:

  • Trumpf pulsed laser 5004       
  • Max. 5 kW
  • Max. weld spot size 2.236 mm
  • Min. pulse power 250 W
  • max. pulse power 5 kW
  • Min. pulse time 0.2 ms
  • Max. pulse time 50 ms


Orbital welding:

  • Diameters of up to 38 mm, including the possibility of welding connectors to the tube
  • Each weld can be recorded and stored in digital form


TIG and MIG welding of:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel





Laser welding machine


  • Cutting 3000 x 8 mm
  • Press-brake bending lengths of up to 3000 mm, 150 tons
  • Rolling of sheets and profiles
  • Various 3D clamping tables for clamping and modifying welding and assembly work.