D&I Grant

Contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion within TU Delft!

Are you a student and have you come up with a good idea for an initiative to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within TU Delft? You can put your idea into practice with the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Grant, and receive an amount of up to €3,000. 

Submit your application by 1 November 2023 or 1 March 2024 at the latest by sending the application for to diversity@tudelft.nl


About the D&I Grant

The D&I Grant allows TU Delft students and student organisations to apply for funding for initiatives that help improve diversity, equity and inclusion within the university. Examples include events, workshops, campaigns, training courses and (guest) lectures, but also guidelines, instruments, toolkits and other types of projects. There are probably plenty of other inspiring ideas that haven't occurred to us yet. We are open to anything, so we are counting on you to contribute your ideas!

Why the D&I Grant?

A safe, inclusive learning and working environment is crucial to getting the best out of yourself, both professionally and personally. This is important for everyone, regardless of your sexual orientation, religion, thinking style, gender, appearance, age, physical or mental disabilities or your cultural, ethnic or socio-economic background. We want to encourage fair opportunities and well-being by embracing diversity & inclusion. This is the foundation we need to truly create space for open dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Doing so contributes to improving the quality of research and education and encourages innovation and scientific growth.

Who is it for?

All TU Delft students who have an idea with which they can contribute to diversity, fair opportunities and inclusion for everyone, regardless of cultural or migration background, gender, age, external characteristics, sexual orientation, social or financial status, religion or disability. 

What's in it for you?

  • You will contribute to a more pleasant study environment for yourself and your fellow students.
  • You will contribute to building a diverse and inclusive community at TU Delft.
  • You will become involved in the university's D&I objectives.
  • You will gain work experience that you can add to your CV.
  • You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO).

Put together a team and submit an application!

Put together a team of at least two TU Delft students. Teams may submit an application on behalf of one or more student organisations, but students who are not affiliated with a student organisation are also encouraged to submit an application. If you are applying at the faculty level, please note that for applications at the faculty level, the relevant Faculty Diversity Officers (FDOs) for the faculties where the initiative will be implemented will also be involved. If an initiative is aimed at a specific group (for example, the hearing impaired or visually impaired), this group should preferably also be represented on the team. 

What are the criteria?

  • Clarity of the described problem statement or need.
  • Clarity and quality of the initiative.
  • Expected output, outcomes and impact and fit with one or more of the D&I goals.
  • Suitability of the team: The relevant experiences and skills available in the team to implement the idea.
  • Feasibility of the plan to execute the initiative (including risk assessment and budget).

Any questions? Please contact the Diversity & Inclusion Office at diversity@tudelft.nl.