e-Refinery looks at the entire system of electrochemical conversion from optimizing the chemical cell, towards the reactor, towards the energy system of the plant and the integration with the national/international energy system.

This requires multiple disciplines and a multiscale approach. It allows for quick detection of errors as soon as possible, the possibility to tackle these and in this way come up with new and better solutions within the process. This fast circular feedback approach to innovation across the scales ensures better feasibility and faster implementation of the technology. In this way we speed up innovation and stimulate its upscaling, which is necessary for the transformation of our industry into a climate-neutral industry.

Besides technology development e-Refinery takes into account its stability and safe process control, the costs and energy efficiency and resource availability.

Within the TU Delft over 40 professional investigators work on the e-Refinery research programme. Working together in a strong community, among academia, but also through close involvement with government and industry, ensures the necessary knowledge sharing and development.