The energy transition has far-stretching implications for your company. It is vital to start building the required technology capacity and human capital as soon as possible. Also it needs to be applied in industry at largest possible scale.

Join forces and collaborate on innovation to create value!

Why participate?

  • We collaborate with the top international universities and institutes in the field and work in close collaboration with many industrial partners.  We value long term assiduous partnerships that intent to accelerate the (mutual/common) development
  • We have an unique integrated approach, ranging from materials to processes and their upscaling
  • With our multidisciplinary approach we transfer the early to market technologies and knowledge actively to our partners and use their input and feedback in our shared mid to long term research 
  •  Strong network: all industries in the ‘value chain’ from sustainable electricity to production and use of base chemicals and fuels, are participating in both programs and projects
  • Our researchers will show you their latest technologies in the areas of electrochemical conversion, flexible energy storage and large-scale conversion of renewable electricity into fuels and chemical building blocks. In the future, such technologies should lead to a fossil-fuel free industry


Please feel free to contact us to investigate how to partner and become part of our team