New Positions within TOeLS; Towards Large-Scale electro-conversion systems

Electrosynthesis is a promising approach to electrify the manufacturing of fuels, chemicals and materials and to contribute to large-scale energy storage. Given the Dutch strategic position in the international chemical, renewable energy and transport sectors, the e-Refinery programme at TU Delft aims to develop systems to convert electricity into molecular bonds, by bundling and leveraging its activities in the associated research and education fields. The Delft e-Refinery programme covers and connects all system layers, from the molecular scale to the industrial system scale. It involves faculty members at four faculties and a multitude of PhD candidates and postdocs. The e-Refinery programme features a diverse and up-to-date research infrastructure across campus, with electrochemical labs, material labs, equipment and devices labs, power labs and a system simulation suite. TOeLS: Towards Large-Scale electro-conversion systems, is one major project within e-Refinery. The TOeLS project is co-funded by Shell and the Topsectors Chemistry, HTSM and Energy (Urban Energy and Biobased Economy). TOeLS comprises 1 full professor position, 2 tenure track positions and 9 PhD positions. For all these positions we count on an active participation in project-transcending activities within TOeLS and the e-Refinery community to accelerate innovations across scales and across disciplines.

There are currently no vacancies within e-Refinery.