The e-Refinery initiative is a partnership between four faculties of the Delft University of Technology: Applied Sciences (Chemical Engineering department), 3mE (Process & Energy department), EWI (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) and TPM (Engineering Systems & Services department). These faculties are joining forces with knowledge institutions, industry and government  to develop a world-leading knowledge ecosystem.

This university-wide initiative aims to develop into a 4TU and a national programme, in line with the recent recommendations of the ECCM (Electrochemical Conversion and Materials) committee to the Energy, Chemistry and HTSM ‘top sectors’.

E-Refinery participates in the ECCM committee and contributes to the Dutch National Research Agenda ‘routes’ and roadmaps. Several questions in and for the agenda and roadmaps are addressed in-depth at e-Refinery. Our consortium coordinates the effort of scientists and of in company researchers for developing research proposals and for participating in programs, e.g. NWO TTW Perspectief, H2020, NOW Cross-over call and the Nationale WetenschapsAgenda call.

Infograph - goals