TOeLS: Towards large-scale electroconversion systems

Abstract: This project encompasses research on the understanding of the materials properties as well as the process and system aspects needed to design of high current density electrochemical conversion systems. High current densities are essential for commercial operation of such systems. The scope of this program ranges from an analysis of the electrical power quality needed for (and induced by) electroconversion systems, to the reactor design, discovery of advanced materials (electrodes, membranes, etc.) and in-situ characterization of electrochemical processes. We will investigate comprehensive reactor models and experimental facilities to enable validation from the reactor level down to the electrode level. Our research should lead to design concepts for small scale (kW) demonstrator systems, to solve the bottlenecks for further upscaling.

Coordinator: Bernard Dam and Hans Geerlings, TU Delft

Partners: Shell Technology Centre and TU Delft

Funding Tool: TKI HTSM, Chemie, Urban Energy and Biobased economy

Duration: 5years, started 2019

TUD workforce: 10xPhd, 2xTT