BSc with Dutch diploma


In order to start a TU Delft programme, you may need to take some extra courses(deficiencies) to complete your profile. For a VWO-Diploma there are 4 profiles: NT, NG, EM, and CM. Please see graphic. These deficiencies are intended to compensate for gaps  in your Vwo education. All deficiencies must be eliminated to start a programme at TU Delft. There are several institutions that can help you with this. For more information about deficiencies please scroll down.


After gaining your Hbo Propaedeutic Certificate, you can start the first year of a TU Delft Bachelor's programme. Before you can enrol, any deficiencies for your chosen programme must be eliminated. Possible deficiencies are listed below:

  • Mathematics, applies to all Bachelor's programmes.   
  • Physics, applies to all Bachelor's programmes with the exception of Computer Science and Engineering and Applied Mathematics.   
  • Chemistry, applies only to Applied Earth Sciences, Life Science & Technology, Molecular Science & Technology and Nanobiology.    
  • Biology, applies only to Nanobiology and Clinical Technology.


Deficiencies are required courses/subjects missing in your previous education necessary to gain access to your study programme.  Prospective students can be deficient in mathematics, physics and for some educational programmes, chemistry and biology.

Deficiencies can be eliminated by successfully completing courses at one of the following institutions: Voortentamen, Boswell-beta, Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics and Wismon.

Please contact the institution for more information or to register for a course.

Deficiencies must be eliminated before  the following deadlines:

-          15 July : for Numerus Clausus programmes. Please see the Numerus Clausus programmes for more information. A certified copy * of your exam result(s) from required courses must be provided to Student Administration, Jaffalaan 9a, 2628 BX Delft  before 15 July.

-          1 September: for general programmes. A certified copy * of your exam result(s) from required courses must be provided to Student Administration, Jaffalaan 9a, 2628 BX Delft  before 1 October.

* A certified copy of the diploma or certificate is a copy on which an original authenticate stamp and a signature or initials of the institution. Your institution can give you a certified copy. It is also possible to make a certified copy at the desk of the Contact Centre with the original document.

Colloquium Doctum

The Colloquium Doctum  is a special and strict admission procedure for prospective students who:

  • Are not directly admissible to a university program because of their diploma.
  • As per 1 September are 21 years or older
  • Have a Dutch educational background and have sufficient communication skills in Dutch.

For more information, please contact Contact Centre, with subject: Colloquium Doctum via

Numerus clausus programmes

For some programmes, TU Delft selects students based on a selection criteria. These programmes are:

The deadline for application for a Numerus Clausus programmes is 15 January (23:59 CET).

After applying via Studielink and the TU Delft online application portal, you'll receive more information about the selection procedure.

The outcome of the final ranking is announced mid-April.

NOTE: Applicants applying for a Numerus Clausus programme may apply for one additional regular programme as a backup. The deadline for the backup application is 1 April (23:59 CEST). The backup application will only be processed if the applicant requests to withdraw the NF application and/or when a non-EU applicant hasn’t been offered a place by June 15.

Want to know more about the selection and placement regulations? Please click here. General questions? Please check out our FAQs.

Mandatory Matching

For the programmes Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics mandatory matching applies. This means that you have to do the matching activities, otherwise you cannot be enrolled for the programme. Therefore, apply by 1 May. In case of a non-Dutch pre-university education you have to apply before 1 April.

For more information

Electrical Engineering
Applied Physics
Applied Mathematics
Marine Technology