FAQs about minor registrations – 2020-2021

1. I was unable to complete my thematic minor in the academic year in which I enrolled. Do I have to re-register for the minor for the following academic year?
No, you do not need to re-register for the minor if you already did so in a previous academic year and you have not yet completed the minor. Always contact the minor coordinator about completing your minor.

However, you must be officially enrolled at TU Delft for the academic year in which you want to complete the minor.

2. I failed one of the modules of my minor and the minor is now no longer offered. Can I still retake that module?
You will be offered at least one more chance to retake a module in the following academic year.

3. Are any minors offered in English?
Yes, almost all TU Delft minors are offered in English, with a few exceptions.

4. I got a 5 for one of the minor modules. Can I compensate for this mark with a 7 for another minor module?
The rules state that it is not possible to pass any module with a 5. This is in the rules and guidelines for the examinations of your Bachelor’s degree programme. These examination requirements are also published on the faculty’s website.

5. How are the marks I have obtained at another university passed on to my degree programme?
You must request your transcript (list of marks) from the university in question and pass it on to your degree programme’s Board of Examiners and Student Administration Office.
Additional conditions may apply to the submission of the list of grades per faculty. Therefore also consult the minor information on the website of your own Faculty.

6. Can I take a minor offered by a university of applied sciences?
This is only possible if the minor is at the same level as third-year BSc modules. In some cases, a minor offered by universities of applied sciences may meet this requirement. For more information, consult the Board of Examiners of your Bachelor's degree programme.

7. I have registered for a minor but would like to change it, as on reflection I would prefer to do a different minor. How can I do this?
You can do this in MyTUDelft during the registration periods for selection/non-selection minors. Once these periods have come to an end, it is no longer possible to switch minors.

8. I would like to put together my own minor comprising TU Delft modules. When will the lecture timetables be announced? I want to make sure that two modules will not be taught at the same time.
For more information about the timetables, see tudelft.nl. If there are any clashes between modules, you can always consult the Board of Examiners of your Bachelor's degree programme and choose an alternative.

9. I would like to do a second minor.
It is possible for students to register for one thematic minor per academic year. Ultimately, depending on your minor space, up to 30 EC can be included in your degree programme. If you already completed a thematic minor last year and want to take another thematic minor this year, this is possible through the regular registration procedure. Pay attention; In order to include a second minor in your degree programme, you will need approval from your degree programme’s Board of Examiners.

It is not possible for students to register for a second thematic minor in the same academic year. If you still have EC to earn in your minor space, you can fill it up by taking a self-composed minor. If you still want to register for a second minor in the same academic year, please contact minor@tudelft.nl, in addition to the approval request from the Examination Board. The minor administration office will not register you for a second minor until after 1 July, subject to a place being available.

10. Where can I find a detailed list of the minors offered in 2020-2021?
The detailed list is available on the ‘List of TU Delft thematic minors’ webpage or via this link.


LDE FAQs – 2020-2021

1. I am a TU Delft student and I want to do a minor at EUR. The minors at EUR are 15 ECTS, while my minor is 30 ECTS. How can I fill in the remaining 15 ECTS?
If you are going to take a minor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will need to make up the remaining 15 ECTS. It is not possible to take two EUR minors in the same academic year. There are limited options for taking electives at EUR alongside the minor at EUR. Consequently, we advise you to get the remaining 15 ECTS by taking electives at TU Delft. You can also take electives at other universities. You need prior permission from your own Board of Examiners to make up the remaining ECTS by taking electives. You can request this permission via the Free Minor Approval Request form. Indicate the electives as well as the EUR minor of your choice. 

2. I am a student at EUR and I want to do a minor at TU Delft. Is it possible to do a 15 ECTS minor?
In the 2020-2021 academic year TU Delft is offering a number of minors worth 15 ECTS. Please see the list of TU Delft minors for more information. You should then also check the admissions matrix to see if you are eligible for one of these minors.

All the other minors at TU Delft are 30 ECTS. A minor in Delft must always be completed in full. At Delft, the teaching period for minors runs from 1 September to early February. 

3. I am a TU Delft student and I want to do a minor at Leiden University. Where can I find information about the timetable and the teaching period?
You will find a description of the minors and the modules in the e-Prospectus. This also contains links to the faculty’s timetable pages. The teaching period for each module is also indicated. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the contact person listed in the e-Prospectus for the minor in question. 

4. I am already registered for a minor but would like to switch to a different minor. Is this possible?

  • If you are already registered for a selection minor, you are not allowed to switch to another minor.
  • If you are already registered for a non-selection minor offered by Leiden or EUR, you are not allowed to switch to another minor.
  • If you are already registered for a non-selection minor offered by TU Delft, you can only switch to another minor during the second registration period and only to a TU Delft minor for which places are still available. If you decide to switch, this is entirely at your own risk.

5. How do I register as a guest student at another LDE institution?
In order to be able to do the minor you must be actively enrolled at your home institution prior to 1 September. In addition, you must be actively enrolled as a guest student at the LDE guest institution prior to 1 September. This is necessary in order to gain access to education, exams and student facilities (online learning environment [Brightspace/Canvas], university card, etc.)

Students of the LDE minors African Dynamics, Frugal Innovation, and Responsible Innovation must enrol at all three LDE institutions. Students of the Security, Safety and Justice minor must enrol at TU Delft and Leiden University.

To enrol as a guest student, follow the appropriate procedure described below for the LDE institution in question:

LDE institution

Guest student enrolment procedure for LDE students

Leiden University

You do not need to do anything. Enrolment takes place via an exchange of information between the three LDE universities.

TU Delft

You must enrol via Studielink in order to be able to register for minors. You will find a Studielink user manual on the website. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam

You must upload a passport photo prior to 1 September using the link sent to you by email. You cannot be enrolled without a passport photo. 

6. I have been accepted for and placed on a minor at an LDE univers
ity other than my home university. Where can I find information about the start of the minor, the timetable, the teaching materials, etc.?


Finding practical information:

Leiden University

After you have been placed on a minor, you will receive more information about the start of the minor and other practical matters from the faculty/programme offering the minor.

TU Delft

See welkom.tudelft.nl

Erasmus University Rotterdam

See www.eur.nl/minor/praktische_informatie/

7. Where do I cancel if I decide not to participate in the minor (because I decide to do an internship, take part in an exchange or do a free/self-composed minor) but the registration period has already closed?
You must always cancel your registration if you decide not to participate in a minor. You should cancel your registration at your home university. See the table below on how to do this.


Cancel via:

Leiden University


TU Delft



ASK Erasmus


For TU Delft students is it nog possible to register for another thematic minor if you already received a final placement. After all you have a final placement and switching minors is not allowed.

8. I have completed the minor. Will the results I have obtained now be registered automatically with my own programme?
No, this does not happen automatically. You are responsible for registering a transcript for the minor with your own Student Administration Office. For this, you must have a transcript showing the obtained results. Based on this list of marks, you can get your results registered at your home institution. 

The transcript for the minor can be obtained as follows:


Obtaining minor transcript:

Leiden University

Contact the Student Administration Office of the programme in question.

TU Delft

At the end of the minor you will receive a transcript with all the study results by post.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Go to the Erasmus Student Services Centre (ESSC), which is located in the Sanders Building (ground floor, next to Erasmus Food plaza). Don’t forget to take along valid identification. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09:30 to 16:00.