Applying for a Master’s degree programme with a Dutch certificate

Do you want to apply for a master’s programme at the TU Delft with a Dutch bachelor’s degree? Check if your bachelor’s degree grants you admission to the master’s programme of your choice. Visit to see which master’s programme is available to you after obtaining your bachelor’s degree.

If your bachelor’s degree matches the TU Delft master’s programme of your choice, you can usually be admitted directly. If your bachelor’s degree does not sufficiently match the master’s programme, you can still be admitted in some cases, for example after taking additional courses.

Use of

First select your bachelor’s university or university of applied science, then choose your bachelor's programme. After this a list of master’s programmes will appear. You can also search by entering a specific name or educational institution to find the master’s programme of your choice.

Under each master’s programme you will find information about admission to the master’s programme with the bachelor’s programme you selected:

  • Admissible immediately: with this bachelor’s degree you meet the programme specific admission requirements and are directly admissible to the master’s programme.
  • Admission requirements apply: with this bachelor’s degree you are not directly admissible, additional programme specific admission requirements apply. This may, for example, mean that you first have to take additional courses in the form of a bridging programme, that you must finish your bachelor’s programme within a certain amount of time, or that there’s a CGPA requirement for your bachelor’s degree.
  • Admission unknown: for this bachelor’s degree no information is provided about the admissibility to the master’s programme. Generally this means that you are not admissible with this bachelor’s degree

For information about programme specific admission requirements, visit the webpage of the master's programme. Please direct any questions about this to the email address stated on the master’s programme's webpage.

For more information about general admission requirements and the application procedure, click on the tiles below:


If you have any questions about the information above, please contact