MSc International

Please note the following:

  1. You may apply for one MSc programme only. Incomplete applications and applications submitted by mail or e-mail will not be processed.
  2. For all MSc programmes, a rolling admissions policy applies. This means that complete applications will be reviewed upon receipt. If you meet our admissions requirements, you will be considered for the programme until the admission capacity has been reached.
  3. You will receive an admission decision within 12 weeks following the receipt of your complete application. 
  4. All applicants are required to pay a € 120 application fee. The application fee is only refundable to students who start their MSc studies in Delft.  Please note that any additional fees you may incur through making your payment are at your own expense. Plan accordingly to ensure that the full amount is received in our account.
  5. If you were admitted last year and would like to re-apply, you must complete a new application through Studielink.

MSc programmes and admission capacity

Currently no MSc programmes have reached their admission capacity.