Ivan Lucas Gonzalo

Hey! I am Ivan Lucas Gonzalo, but my friends call me Tio. I come from the lovely island of Curaçao. I am currently a bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering. I decided that I wanted to attend the TU Delft during an international high-school excursion to The Netherlands. During this trip, we visited a few universities, TU Delft being one of them.

My decision wasn’t based only on the aesthetics of the campus and the program structure, but also on the city itself, Delft. Delft is quite small, very calm and pretty, but it has everything you need if you just look in the right spots.

What I love about living in The Netherlands, especially coming from a small island, are all the endless possibilities and opportunities that could be presented to you. You will be put to the test and it’s up to you whether you strive or fold.
At first, it can be quite challenging finding a balance between school, friends, family (and work). But from my experience, a lot of things are a matter of “trial and error” and having a work ethic of “practice makes perfect”.

I became a student ambassador after hearing of this opportunity through a former teacher of mine. She was a tremendous help during the process of enrolment for TU Delft and made the process a lot less stressful.
Knowing that I was once in such a position, where everything seemed vague and uncertain, I want to now help others, so their (first) experience of studying at TU Delft is as pleasant as possible!


Ivan Lucas Gonzalo

Country: Curaçao
Current Program (Track): BSc Mechanical Engineering