Mrinal Chaudhury

Hello! I am Mrinal Chaudhury. I grew up in the eastern state of Odisha, India, and finished my Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering in 2020 from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. My city Rourkela, a conventionally small town, is unique in multiple ways. It is a planned township built around one of the oldest public sector steel plants in India and it also hosted a premier technological institute. I owe my passion for innovation to this city and Delft in various respects is a reflection of this passion. I thus joined Masters Integrated Product Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in TU Delft in August 2021. 

From April 2022, I have been serving as a TU Delft Ambassador. Through this unique platform, I wish to reach out to all prospective applicants to share why I chose to study at TU Delft and how my decision has panned out. 

In retrospect, TU Delft for Industrial Design was always an obvious choice due to its pioneering research and contribution to the field. But what makes TU Delft stand out in any field is its extensive industry collaboration, open minded attitude towards radical innovation and most importantly – it’s inspiring people. I have always believed an institution is a sum of its people more than its infrastructure and TU Delft’s staff, students and researchers are motivational to say the least. 

Apart from the academic pursuits however, my enjoyment lies in writing, painting and travelling to hidden gems. I also came to the Netherlands with the express wish of learning rowing and sailing – I hope I can tick that off my bucket list soon. Well, that’s another remarkable thing about TU Delft – the plethora of opportunities to learn, cultivate new talents, pursue hobbies and even have creative social gatherings is never out of question. Be it X Delft, Yes! Delft – Delft despite is scale is bustling with life, zeal and simply marvelous activities. Nevertheless, Delft had my heart the first day I set foot in it with its eclectic old-world charm – from historical architecture, cute teahouse signs to intricate flowery bridges, there is plenty to fall in love with it. 

Life beyond Delft, in Europe in general, is no less exciting and I have assured I relish it. Travelling from megacities to islands within a short span of time is a benefit only Europe can afford, and as an international student, one must make complete use of this opportunity. I however, did find the myriad of languages spoken here challenging to grasp and adapt to new cultural practices especially in workplaces. 

As an ambassador, I wish to aide incoming students navigate through applications, life in the Netherlands, extra-academic opportunities, work -life balance and employment opportunities to the best of my abilities. Reach out to me via the TU Delft Ambassadors social media handles, via my LinkedIn and my email 


Mrinal Chaudhury

Country: India 
Former University: National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Current Program (Track): Master Integrated Product Design, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering