Nikhil Daswani

Hey, there! My name is Nikhil Daswani. I come from a small, beautiful island called Curaçao. I am currently a Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis, and Management bachelor's student. As a high school student, I always dreamed about going to an engineering university like TU Delft. During a school trip to the Netherlands, I visited a few universities, including TU Delft. That’s when I realized that I wanted to attend the TU Delft.

My decision was influenced not only by the campus's aesthetics and curriculum structure, but also by the cities surrounding Delft and Delft itself. My first year in The Netherlands I lived in Delft. Delft is a little town with a quiet and beautiful atmosphere, yet it provides everything you need. Nevertheless, I decided to move to The Hague, where I currently live, because I realized I’m more of a city dweller.

What I like the most about living in the Netherlands, specially growing up on a small island, are the seemingly infinite options and prospects of growth. It’s up to an individual whether they make use of such opportunities and succeed or fail. Furthermore, TU Delft specifically offers majors, clubs and organizations, and communities in which anyone can find a sense of belonging and acceptance.

As you may or may not know, many professors at the TU Delft believe that during the life of a university student, one can only choose two things between studies, social life and sleep (S3). Finding the right balance between these might be difficult at first. However, in my experience, you can come a long way by simply trying and failing while being resilient and having a strong mindset.

I became a student ambassador after learning about the role through one of my peers and my academic counsellors. They were a huge assistance during the TU Delft enrolment process and helped a lot during stressful times. Knowing how I felt when everything appeared hazy and unsure, my goal is to now assist and support (prospective) students so that their time of studying here, at TU Delft, is as wonderful as possible!


Nikhil Daswani

Country: Curaçao
Current Program (Track): BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis, and Management