Parisa Alipanahi

Hello all! This is Parisa. I am a second-year master student in the program of Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM), specializing in the Energy track. I got my bachelors in Energy and Industrial Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic, Iran. Currently, I am working as the Public Relations manager of the TU Delft Energy Club. The main reason I chose TU Delft for my maser degree was because of the special and innovative program that it offers in my area of research. In the CoSEM Master's program, we explore the innovations in complex sociotechnical environments. After all, when designing technological innovations, you must deal with existing regulations, subsidies, distribution channels and infrastructures, as well as interests, cultures and human behavior. In order to achieve successful innovations, these aspects must be considered and used in your sociotechnical design. The Energy track offers comprehensive education in the field of energy markets and future energy systems. Eventually, my main goal after graduation is to play an influential role in accelerating the Sustainable Energy Transition goals for having a more adaptive and resilient global community in the future.

As a student-ambassador, I would like to help enthusiast international students as much as possible with their questions and issues about everything in studying in TU Delft and living in the Netherlands. Getting to the Netherlands is not easy, especially finding the right information. Since I know the Netherlands and TU Delft very well, I can support international students with finding their way around in the Netherlands and especially at TU Delft. I believe that we all as international students coming from various backgrounds and cultures might face many difficulties when moving to a completely new environment and in this situation a help of a fellow who had gone through this road before can always be useful.

I always think that diversity is the main feature for this high level of international reputation of TU Delft and being a student ambassador and helping our fellow enthusiast students who are curious about TU Delft can be very helpful in empowering our university's international reputation every day, globally!

Moreover, I am also one of the board members of TU Delft Energy Club 2022 (Public Relations Manager) which has literally helped me a lot regarding my soft skills (communication with other students) and has improved my knowledge and information about the TU Delft's faculties, clubs, associations etc. Therefore, I have sufficient knowledge of how to join or even work in the various associations or clubs of the university.  It would be my absolute pleasure to be able to help upcoming enthusiast students from all over the world! Please feel free to keep in touch with me and ask me your questions.

Parisa Alipanahi

Country: Iran
Former University: Tehran Polytechnic 
Current Program (Track): MSc  Complex Systems Engineering and Management  (Energy track)