Wan Yun Huang

Hello! I am Wan Yun Huang (Alice), master student in Building Technology. I finished my bachelor in Architecture in National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. For me choosing TU Delft is because TU Delft is among the top university in the world with great international network. On the academic level, TU Delft is excel in both conceptual design and strong technical resources.

I’m personally very fond of the program of Building Technology, which is very practical and technical, not only works on the conceptual design but also very focus on the detail design and the link in between. Furthermore, it is one of the very few master programs in Europe that also specialize in façade design. Delft is a historical city with the tradition to innovate, where people have the open mind to international culture. Delft is also centrally located in Europe, which is great and easy for traveling during the break.

I am also actively involved in Delft Taiwanese Student Organization (DTSO), if you have any question about programs in specific field, I can introduce you to the right person to solve your doubts. In my free time, I am really fond of traveling and very experienced in making travel plan. If you need some travel tips, please do ask me!
Some tips for the prospective students: Get a bike as soon as you arrive, it will be much more convenient to go around the city. Bring at least one windproof jacket, it will be very useful for Holland’s windy weather! Last but not the least, bring some home recipe, it’s a great way to overcome homesick!

Name: Wan Yun Huang
Country: Taiwan
Former University: National Cheng Kung University
Current programme:
MSc Building Technology
email: alicehuang614@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Alice
Facebook: Ambassadors