Information for parents

When your son or daughter decides to do a degree, the process will likely involve a lot of change. 

As a parent, how can you help with the process of choosing a programme?

Given the staggering number of degree programmes available in higher education, your child might still be unsure about what he or she wants upon completing pre-university education. Tips for choosing a programme can help. The video below contains English subtitles. 

How is the university degree programme structured?

Students are assigned far fewer lectures (classroom hours) at university than in secondary school. To a large extent they need to be autonomous, even if they do not always necessarily receive “homework.” They must take the initiative to prepare for lectures and subsequently tackle the material. Generally speaking, attendance is not taken. Nevertheless, the first year is relatively highly structured in order to create as seamless a transition as possible from pre-university education. First-year students have a full schedule, and attendance is mandatory for certain courses. Read more

Financial matters

An important question when your son or daughter goes to university is: what exactly does it cost? TU Delft has mapped out the costs. You can get information about student loans from DUO.

Guidance and health

There are designated individuals and organisations at TU Delft to provide your son or daughter with guidance and health care. Please see the following for more information about: 

Do you still have questions?

If you still have specific questions, please contact us either by phone on +31 (0)15-27891111 or email: Please feel free to post your questions to us on FacebookTwitter or WhatsApp + 31 (0)6 10339730.