Online Introduction Nanobiology

Nanobiology is a relatively new programme, that uses the language of Maths in the context of Physics to understand the complexity of Biology. This ‘proefstudeermodule’ will give you an interdisciplinary taste of the programme. You will learn how to quickly guess formulas that describe cell’s behaviours, how a bacterium finds its food, and how genetic circuits control a cell’s behavior. As the programme is taught in English, so is this module.

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Starting dates 2019/2020

23 September 2019
4 November 2019
16 December 2019*
16 March 2020
13 April 2020*
11 May 2020*
1 June 2020
6 July 2020*
10 August 2020*

*at these date you can follow the course within 1 week instead of 3 weeks. It is exactly the same course as at the other dates.