Related programmes at HBO level

When choosing a study, you often take your previous education into account. Most students transfer to university directly from pre-university education (VWO). However, for some students it suits better to choose an HBO study, eventually followed by a university master's programme*. Below you will find an overview of related studies that you can find at the universities of applied sciences in the immediate vicinity of TU Delft (The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Inholland University of Applied Sciences, located in Delft. Take a good look at the differences and similarities and consider what suits you best.

* Note: A bachelor's degree from HBO does not automatically grant access to a related master's programme at the university. Sometimes it is possible to follow a bridging programme, in which you can overcome gaps in knowledge and skills. For more information about admission requirements click here

TU Delft programmeRelated programmes
The Hague university of applied sciences
Related programmes
Inholland university of applied sciences
Extra online information
Aerospace EngineeringAeronautical Engineering (in Delft) 27 May, online open evening
Applied Earth SciencesLandscape and Environment Management (in Delft) (in Dutch)
BouwkundeBouwkunde en Ruimtelijke ontwikkeling (in Den Haag) (in Dutch)
Civiele TechniekCiviele Techniek (in Den Haag) (in Dutch)
Computer Science and EngineeringMechatronica (in Delft) (in Dutch)Webinar **
Electrical EngineeringElektrotechniek (in Delft) (in Dutch)Webinar **
Industrieel OntwerpenIndustrial Design Engeneering (in Den Haag)Webinar **
Technische BestuurskundeTechnische Bedrijfskunde (in Delft) (in Dutch)Presentation
Technische NatuurkundeTechnische Natuurkunde (in Delft) (in Dutch)
Technische WiskundeToegepaste Wiskunde (in Delft) (in Dutch)Webinar **
Werktuigbouwkunde Werktuigbouwkunde (in Delft) (in Dutch)Webinar **

** The webinars are best viewed from the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. In Explorer ther is no sound, unfortunately