TU Delft Campus in Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft player, and would you like to visit the TU Delft campus in Minecraft? You can!

When playing in the Java edition (pc, mac, linux) you can reach the TU server by following the next steps:

  • On the main menu, click the button with “Multiplayer” on it

  • On the "Play Multiplayer" menu, click the button at the bottom right saying “Add Server”

  • In the “Server Name” section, type “TU Delft Campus

  • In the “Server Address” section, type “virtualcampus.tudelft.nl

  • Select “Done” when you have finished these two steps. This will bring you back to the previous screen, where the server should now be viewable.

  • Click on the server, then select “Join Server” at the bottom left. You will now be connecting to the server.

The complete manual to access the Minecraft Campus can also be found here.

And for a bit of insider information; don’t forget to chat to the construction worker in front of the Aula. He will give you access to the secret building plots.

New features will be added to the Minecraft Campus in the coming weeks, so do come back to visit us regularly.

At this point, the Minecraft Campus can only be accessed in the Java Edition, and not yet in the Bedrock Edition. Furthermore it is not yet possible to visit the Minecraft Campus without a valid Minecraft Account

If you do not have a Minecraft Account, but would like to get a sneak preview, you can see a short clip here.