Admission Letter received: What’s next?

After Receiving Admission Letter

Submit Confirmation Statement as indicated in Admission Letter

The Confirmation Statement is a declaration wherein you indicate whether you accept the admission to your study programme at TU Delft. The enrolment process will only start if you submit your Confirmation Statement. Submit the Confirmation Statement before the deadline as indicated in your Admission Letter using the online application portal Osiaan. You will receive the Financial Letter containing the total amount you need to transfer to TU Delft soon after submitting your Confirmation Statement.

Follow the instructions in your Financial Letter

To continue your enrolment for the selected study programme follow the instructions as mentioned in your Financial Letter. Click here for more information on payment deadlines and methods.

In case you opted for TU Delft’s housing service and/or need a residence permit and/or visa it is recommended to make the payment as soon as possible since these processes can only start after TU Delft receives the total amount as mentioned in your Financial Letter.

MVV Visa and/or Residence Permit for Study

The MVV Visa is a document which allows you to enter the Netherlands and stay legally in the country for a duration of 90 days. A Residence Permit for Study is a document which allows you to reside for a fixed length of time in The Netherlands for study purposes. Legally, TU Delft must apply for a MVV Visa and/or Residence Permit for Study on your behalf. It is not possible to apply for a Residence Permit for study and/or Visa yourself. 
Click here to find out whether you need a Residence Permit and/or Visa and more information.

Find accommodation

Registering a valid Dutch address at the local municipality is a legal obligation for all who reside in the Netherlands for 4 months or more, irrespective of nationality or purpose of stay. Finding accommodation can be challenging in The Netherlands, therefore make sure to arrange your accommodation before the start of your study programme at TU Delft. You can find accommodation by:

1.     Renting from a housing association, from a private owner, or through subletting

2.     Lodging with family, friends, or other acquaintances

3.     Using TU Delft’s housing service.

Click here to find tips on finding accommodation and what to do after you have found accommodation.

Make sure you have the right coverage of your healthcare insurance and liability insurance before leaving your home country

All students are obligated to have sufficient healthcare insurance and liability insurance before leaving your home country. It is your own responsibility to make sure you are sufficiently insured. TU Delft is not responsible for lack of insurance.

Click here for more information on Dutch legislation and insurance options.

Upload a passport photo for your Campus Card

The Campus Card is more than a means of identification and is used for many facilities on campus. Upload a passport photo using your NetID (the login credentials used in the online application portal MyTUDelft).

If applicable pick up your MVV Visa and register your Biometric Information

If you need a MVV Visa, visit the Dutch Embassy/Consulate General after your status is confirmed to pick up your Visa. We strongly recommend to arrange your travel plans only after receiving your Visa.
At the Dutch Embassy/Consulate General you will be requested to register your Biometric Information. The Biometric Information is required by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) for your Dutch Residence Permit card.
If you don’t need a MVV Visa but only a Residence Permit, your Biometric information will be registered in the Netherlands. The appointment details will be emailed to you before the start of your study programme.
Click here for more information. 

Before Start of Your Study Programme


Before the start of your studies, you will need to complete your formal registration at TU Delft and as a resident of the Netherlands. There may also be a few practical things you will need to arrange, such as opening a bank account and having your insurance checked. Make sure you read all the information about the registration process carefully and bring enough copies of the required documents.

Introduction period

After your arrival in Delft, you can decide to take part in an introduction period at TU Delft. They are intense but enjoyable programmes that can give you the best start to your studies in Delft. Click here for more information about the different programmes.

After Start of Your Study Programme

Pick up your Campus Card

If you have uploaded your photo and met the enrolment requirements, you will be notified when and where you can pick up your Campus Card.

Click here for more information.

If applicable pick up your Residence Permit

For prospective students with a non-EU nationality: you will be informed when and where to pick up your residence permit around the start of your study programme

If applicable undergo the tuberculosis (TB) test

If you are a prospective student with a non-EU nationality you have to undergo the TB test within three months after the start of your study programme, unless your nationality is stated in this list. If you don’t undergo the TB test timely, your residence permit may be cancelled.