Introduction programmes for Master and bridging students

August 2020

The Introduction Programme is designed to help give you a good start to your studies in Delft. It’s an intense, but fun, programme that introduces you to TU Delft, life in The Netherlands, and the multicultural student life that awaits you. It’s also a good opportunity to make new friends. Getting to know each other and making friends is just the beginning: you will also be introduced to the TU Delft study culture and gain some practical experience in the academic skills you will need as soon as your studies begin.

You can make the most of social and cultural opportunities and find out what you can get involved in during your time at TU Delft.

Due to current social distancing regulations, the Introduction Programme is being presented differently this summer. A combination of academic information and a place for social interaction are offered online, via Brightspace and a Social platform/app, so you are able to follow the programme and virtually meet your peers in your own time. The Brightspace course is open to any who wish to self-enrol; the invitations for the closed/secure social platform were sent at the end of July.

In addition, the IP is hosting 2 two-day campus tours between August 24 and 28. Registration is available through the social platform and is limited to Master and Bridging students who are new to TU Delft. Registration is closes.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Introduction Programme.

How can I participate?

If you applied for a Master or bridging programme, and are starting your studies on 31 August 2020, you should have received instructions by e-mail on how to activate your account for the online Introduction Programme. The e-mails were sent in the last week of July.

If you did not receive the e-mail at the end of July, please send an e-mail to Please include your student number and the subject line ‘Introduction Programme’.

Faculty Introductions

Faculty introductions will be organised per faculty and most of them will take place in the last week of August. Most of the faculty introductions are mandatory.

The faculty will inform you about their introduction sessions.

Some programmes are also available online, please check the overview below.

Faculty Applied Sciences

Applied Physics: Friday 28 August afternoon, Monday 31st August and Tuesday 1st September: Master Kick off days: online and on-campus activities in shifts. Detailed information follows via e-mail. 
Chemical Engineering: Monday 31st August, Start Master Kick Off Day. Students who haven’t received an invitation can contact
Life Science and Technology: Monday 31st August, Master Kick Off Day. Informative morning session with staff (through Zoom), continued with an online lunch session and group activities in the afternoon (through Discord, and partly on-campus). Info and questions: 
Nanobiology: Friday 28 August, Master Kick Off Day, Delft, 10.00-15.00h. Info and questions: 
Science Education and Communication: track Communication Design for Innovation: Monday 7th September, from 12.45h till max. 22h. More details to be announced via e-mail. Info and questions: 

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Click here.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science

Click here.

Faculteit Industrieel Ontwerpen

MEET IDE – Thursday August 27th

On Thursday August 27th the Faculty will organize a special mandatory faculty introduction called "Meet IDE" for all MSc students who are new to the faculty of IDE. We will give you a lot of (practical) information, regarding studying at the faculty of IDE and you will meet your fellow students (it will also be fun). You will be informed about the details by email.

The Master Introduction Week (a course called Manage your Master) will take place from Monday August 31st 2020. 

Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering

Master Introduction Programme 3mE  (mandatory)
Click here

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

Click here