Introduction programmes for Master’s, Exchange and bridging students

February 2023

The Introduction Programme is designed to help give you a good start to your studies in Delft. The Introduction Programme introduces you to the university, to life in Delft, and to the multicultural student life that awaits you.

This year’s Introduction Programme (IP) offers three core elements as a part of a comprehensive programme for students from all around the globe. This programme has been put together to assure a kick-start to your studies in Delft.  These elements are:  
two Live online Q&A sessions, the Brightspace course, and the On Campus Introduction Programme.
Furthermore your faculty and/or programme offers more specific introductions. You will be informed on those element by the faculty.

TU Delft recommends you to participate in all three elements of the Introduction Programme. However, if circumstances prevent you from being on campus during the 5 days of the on Campus Introduction Programme,  we encourage you to utilise the online elements which have been created to help you with the transition to TU Delft.

We are looking forward to meeting you during the Introduction Programme, during online sessions and/or during the On Campus programme.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Introduction Programme.

Q&A Sessions 

Before the start of your studies in Spring, we will organize two live Q&A sessions. 
IP student assistents and student ambassadors of TU Delft, will talk about topics and allows the audience to ask the speaker directly about the question they are curious of.  If you don’t have any questions, listening to the sessions will surely contribute to your knowledge about studying and living in Delft. 

The link to participate will be communicated via social media and via this link for "moving to Delft/The Netherlands/Student life".

For the link to "Being a student at TU Delft", you click this link.

Session 1 : Moving to Delft/The Netherlands/Student life

Date: 15 December 2022
Time: 15:00-16:00 CET

Session 2: Being a student at TU Delft

Date: 10 January 2023
Time: 15:00-16:00 CET

We highly recommend you to join us online.

Introduction Programme Brightspace course

Brightspace is TU Delft's collaborative learning environment and is used in almost all courses. The Introduction Programme Brightspace Course not only helps you to get familiar with this system, but also helps you get acquainted with the academic skills and study culture at TU Delft. It also contains information on the grading system, student charter, code of conduct, laptop project and on resources students can use while enrolled at TU Delft; e.g. Student IT Desks, the Library, study spaces, student well-being, academic counsellors, psychologists, workshops and much more. You can also find information on Living in Delft, the rich student life and TU Delft campus in the Brightspace course.

Access to Brightspace will be activated one month before the start of your studies. We will organise an online Q&A session on how to log in to our IP Spring 2023 Brightspace course.

On Campus Introductieprogramma 8, 9 and 10 February 2023

8, 9 en 10 Februari the On Campus Introductie Programme (IP) en de Faculty Introduction will take place. 

The On Campus Introduction Programme (IP) will take place on 8, 9 and 10 February. Your faculty introduction will also take place on 10 February. At the end of the Friday all participants will come together again for a wrap up and dinner. 

During the On Campus Introduction Programme you will be introduced to the TU Delft campus in person and work together with fellow students. Getting to know each other and making friends is just the beginning.
The event consists of individual and team activities, to get to know campus, TU Delft study culture and academic skills that you you will need during your studies. As well as introducing you to the many opportunities Delft has to offer in a vibrant student life.  You can make the most of the social and cultural opportunities and discover what you can do during your studies at TU Delft.
You will be assigned a team with students from all faculties and from all over the globe. Each team has a coach, a current TU Delft student who can give you all the insides about studying and living in Delft.

Your faculty will inform you about the faculty introduction on friday.



How can I participate?

If you applied for a Master, Exchange or bridging programme, and are starting your studies in February 2023, you will receive an e-mail invitation with instructions on how to register for the On Campus Introduction Programme Spring 2023. (You do not have to register for the online Q&A sessions nor for the Brightspace course.)

New Master-, Bridging and Exchange students have already received their invitation to participate. The deadline to register for the IP Spring 2023 programme was 28 January. It is not possible anymore to register after the deadline.

If you have any questions about the IP Spring 2023, please send an e-mail to Please include your student number and the subject line ‘Introduction Programme’.

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Faculty Introductions

10 February 

Faculty introductions will be organised per faculty and most of them will take place in the first week of February. Most of the faculty introductions are mandatory.

The faculty will inform you about their introduction sessions.