Ariston '80

v.v. Ariston '80 is the only open student football association in Delft. Since its founding in 1980, Ariston '80 has grown into a club with more than 500 members. This makes it one of the larger sports clubs in Delft. And thanks to its many activities, the club is also a place for the Delft football enthusiasts to build up a social network.

v.v. Ariston ’80 grew from four men's teams in 1980 to seventeen teams and four women's teams in the 2019-2020 season. With the large number of 21 teams, Ariston '80 offers football for every level. The first women's team plays 2nd class and the first men's team plays 3rd class, while the other teams play between the 2nd and 8th class reserve of the KNVB. So there is the possibility to play football at a serious level, but also to join at a lower level or even to start playing football.

The selection, the non-selection as well as the ladies will train on Tuesday and Thursday. Each team is registered with the KNVB and the matches are played on Saturdays. These take place on the fields of X TU Delft but due to the great growth of the past few years, Ariston '80 was obliged to use the facilities of DVV Delft for more fields.

Aside from football, drinks are organised twice a week, in combination with various activities, both large and small, in the club's own venue on the Brabantse Turfmarkt: the TAP. Furthermore, annual tournaments are organised, such as the New Year's indoor tournament and a big tournament in May to close the season.

Ariston' 80 is being run by students themselves and there is the possibility for the members to develop themselves in one of the many committees of the club. In this way they get to know more people within the club and also outside their team. At v.v. Ariston '80 students can find their place in Delft and play football together with friends on their own level.


Referees' evening

Not always loved, but always needed: the referee! Every Saturday home matches have to be whistled and that means also our members have their turn to whistle a match. In this they are guided as well as possible by our ScheidCie. This committee organizes the referee's evening for the first year members of our association. Here the rules of football are discussed in an interactive way and they get tips for whistling a match.

New Year tournament

Once in a while Aristoni feels the need to play football on a different terrain. That's why every year the New Year is kicked off with a New Year's tournament indoors! Teams will be mixed and will appear on the field in themed outfits. At this event we especially enjoy the many panna's that are given and received.

Football trips

Many of our members also watch football on a regular basis, for those members football trips are organized. For example, a large part of the women's department went to a game of the Dutch National Team at the World Cup 2019 in Valenciennes. At this match, the entire French Stadium colored orange, nevertheless, our members found a way to stand out. This did not go unnoticed by national and international media.

De Kwartfinale

Every end of the study quarter an open party is organised in Ariston '80's own building: de Kwartfinale. Each edition is organized by one of the enthusiastic teams of our association. At the Kwartfinale, all students are welcome to buy a ticket! The moment for our members to show the TAP to their study friends, friends from home and roommates.


Of course, a club is not complete without a club magazine. De Toeter, the club magazine of Ariston '80, is full of inspiring stories, beautiful pictures, funny quotes and all the inside info you as Aristoni should know. Our creative Toeter committee publishes three magazines every year, which provide enough conversation during the third half.

End of year tournament

Every year the football season traditionally ends with an end-of-year tournament. With your team, house or other group of friends you compete against other teams in 7-to-7 matches. Depending on the location you can camp on the terrain and the tournament ends with an epic party!