Delft International Student Society (DISS) is a platform aimed at uniting the diversity brought out by students from various cultures.

Life outside one’s own nation is, in the very essence, a life out of one’s element. A new country does not only mean a change in geography, but a lot more. The culture, the practices, the environment, the way of life, that list is exhaustive. And with that, comes the steps of migration, settling in, learning the place and learning to live. The transition is extremely crucial and at times, one is left to wonder if they would get some help with that.

Delft International Student Society


Target audience


Game night

Short – The night of trial and tribulations. Or victories and smiles. It’s all in the game!

Long – A fun-filled event, Game Night is a cyclic event where we bring games and play together. Aside the usual highlights of Poker, Jenga, Beer Pong, we bring in a wide set of card, board and active games. In the more recent iterations, we also forayed into traditional games of the Netherlands, an attempt to discover this land and its culture, much in line with our philosophy. More games to be added as we roll the dice (or shuffle the deck, dealer’s choice)!


Short – The festival of colours, imported straight from India.

Long – Holi is one of the most vibrant festivals in India, a day when colours come to life and speak fun, binding together the people playing with them. Collaborating with ISA, we in May 2019 brought this magnificent festival to the only way it can be made even better. Celebrating with the wider world. (Add location) was brimming with the borderless spirit we embody, a gathering of close to a hundred students had the time of their life as they discovered the philosophy of Holi, one colour shot at a time.

World Cup Delft

Short – What’s better than watching your nation win a world cup? Winning it yourself for the nation!

Long – Who doesn’t love football?! Who wouldn’t travel to the Aren A when their favourite side is raring to score?! Most of all, don’t we all imagine ourselves, pumped up and passionate, kicking the ball into the nets? Well, that is now a reality. World Cup Delft is the event where nations mettle it out in the field and show their football skills. The event is all about the right strategy, right cooperation, right team spirit and above everything, the well-deserved fun.

Nights of the Nation

Short – There are only so many countries, each deserving their own showcase of an event. And we do
just that.

Long – DISS understands the need to connect the students to the world, bringing to them the variety of flavours of life. Sure, music, dance, food may be midi-chlorians, but they need the right master to find the force. And strong within us, the force is. Only some examples of these events include Brazilian Night, a party bringing to life the music from the Amazon land, Greek Dinner Night with a great serving of φαγητό and fun, Dutch Nights to help students learn the language. And we intend to only expand this list.

Career Events

Short – Lectures, seminars, discussions and opportunities. We work hard to make opportunities available for the students.

Long- Fun aside, the primary purpose of us coming to Delft is to study and make a career. We at DISS perfectly understand that motivation. So we help all the international students get in touch with several alumni and companies through our career events.