Student Athletics Association of Delft `40

DSAV `40 is your start for a fantastic, fun and sportive student time.

DSAV `40 is the student athletics association of Delft. On Monday and Wednesday there is a training session from 18:00 until 19:30 from experienced trainers. These training sessions are fit for both new and expericend athletes. The training sessions consist of a general part of one hour with afterwards a half hour for a discipline of your choice. For all disciplines of track and field and all running distances the training is suitable.

Besides training DSAV `40 offers a lot more. On Wednesday after the training we eat together and there are legendary drinks in our canteen with often an escalation in the city centre. Furthermore, there are epic activities for our members organised by our activity committee. There are more committees at DSAV `40 to gain some experience besides your study.

Additionally, we go to competions together to defend the honour of Delft. The most fun are the eight Dutch student championships where we compete against the other student athletics associations of the Netherlands. Afterwards there is always the possibility to eat and party together. Furthermore, we organize two epic weekends. In the beginning of the year there is the introduction weekend where you can get to know all members and the association. In the spring there is the training weekend to prepare for the competition season. Moreover, as a member you can enjoy are amazing merchandise among which clothes, stickers and our mascot Arnold the aardvark.

DSAV '40


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