D.S.R.V. "Laga"

D.S.R.V. LAGA links students to the rowing sport and allows students to develop themselves in both the sport and on a social level.

Laga is one of the leading student rowing associations in the Netherlands. The association has about 770 members and has grown rapidly in recent years. Laga is the second oldest student rowing club in the Netherlands and has a long history with many successes.

At Laga, hard rowing is central and we strive for the highest achievable performance. As one of the oldest rowing clubs in the Netherlands, Laga has a rich history. In 1900 was in Paris the first Olympic gold medal for the Dutch sports world achieved by a Laga team. Laga's ambition to achieve the best possible performance is expressed at different levels. From winning the league cups to medals at the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Since 1926, the association is located in a beautiful building on the Schie. The boathouse is the first of its kind in the Netherlands and was designed by L.C. Kalff (also Oud-Lagaaier) in the style of the Amsterdam School. In 2000 the building was declared a national monument.

Besides hard rowing, Laga stands for innovative and well organized events and activities. Of these, two competitions and the annual Youth Sprinkler Camp are the biggest:

- The EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta: annual 100-kilometre rowing marathon on the Ringvaart in the Randstad.

- The Raceroei Regatta: since 2012 an annual two-kilometre race at competition level with a focus on national top, at the Willem-Alexanderbaan.

- Laga's Youth Green Camp: organised every summer in Naarden fortress, to teach young people aged 9 to 17 how to row.

D.S.R.V. LAGA allows students to grow, develop and challenge themselves. The combination of hard rowing, social events and commissions allows students to develop themselves optimally within the association.

D.S.R.V. Laga


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