D.S.S. De Bolk

We’re a small, alternative association that feels more like a group of friends with a bar, as everyone is acquainted. We have a drink, play games from our game collection, lounge on our large collection of couches, break or fix or create something, sing karaoke or go sailing. In short: everything you could want. 

De Bolk, the name of the building, is the name we go by, even though our official name is D.S.V. Nieuwe Delft. Around 1960 there was a large influx of new students in Delft calling for the establishment of more associations, that’s when “Nieuwe Delft” was called into existence. It was started by former members of DSC and therefore a lot more like the old idea of a fraternity. Nowadays the only remains are a sample of traditions; We quit hazing our first years a long time ago. Our association changes along with our members, of whom we have about 150.

Throughout the year our members organise many activities, whether they are part of a specific committee or not. For example: BBQ, Gotcha (a special game of tag we play for the first couple of months), Christmas dinner, Winter sports, many themed parties and drinks, members weekend (going camping with all members), LAN party, movie marathon, Cooking competition, BlikBierBorrel, Archery Tag and painting with Bob Ross. We hope to be able to assist all our members with whatever they would like to organise.

Our members
We have a large variety in members. They are mainly of Dutch nationality but we currently have a few international members and we welcome all nationalities. However the main communication is in Dutch. They play D&D, listen to Russian Bass, paint, drink beer, don’t drink beer, play games, sail, like woodworking, make cocktails, study hard and are part of committees.

Special mentions

One of the great things of De Bolk is that our members do a great many things on their own. We have an open-for-all meal cooked by our very own members every Monday through Thursday which you can join by enrolling via noms.debolk.nl. Next to that there is a committee that creates large batches of grilled cheese sandwiches throughout the year. They vary in recipe (of their own creation) and are available as a snack at the bar.


Many of our members are active at another association called “Vereniging Vrienden van Trui”. They own a botter which they do the upkeep for and sail on throughout the year. For more information: www.bu130.nl

D.S.S. De Bolk



Trui is a botter, a wooden fishingship from 1875. We sail a 100 days a year, are you coming with?

A strong breeze blowing steadily through your hair, salty breaths of air, holding on to the helm tightly with both your hands and the sails beating windward. No modern equipment required. This is what sailing on a 145 year old wooden ship is like–a unique experience. Crossing the IJsselmeer, landing on mudflats at low tide on the Wadden Sea, and checking out a local port’s pub afterwards with a tight-knit group of people. Enter a training to become a first mate or skipper, or help out with the upkeep and resturation of this floating piece of heritage. These are just a few of the cool experiences you can expect to have on Trui.

Bolks Beerbrewers Guild (BBG)

The BBG is involved in beer brewing and organizing beer-related activities.

Would you like to learn how to brew your own beer? That is possible at the BBG! under the guidance of an experienced brewer learn to brew your first beer with us. Once you have mastered the process, you can get started yourself!

Besides brewing beer, the BBG regularly organizes a tasting where the most a variety of beers are discussed. Cheers!

Out and about!
As a hobby brewer there is a lot to learn from other brewers, so we try every year arrange trips to breweries.
Would you like to become a member or do you have any questions? Then mail to Raad@bolkschbierbrouwersgilde.nl. A
membership at de bolk is not required to register with us.


The Bolkhuisch is the student house that is located next to our building. This is a place where Bolkers can live together and there can live up to 21 of them in the house! They are also always present in at traditional occasions such as the anniversary of the association.

Apart from the residents of the Bolkhuisch, we have other houses where Bolkers also live together.

Sister-associations: ZEUS

We’re part of a covenant of like-minded associations throughout the Netherlands called ZEUS. We visit each other for parties and activities and in that way we get to know even more people and places than just our association.