With a growing presence of Taiwanese students in TU Delft, our mission is to assist them into to their new life in the Delft; and share and promote the beauty of Taiwanese culture.

DTSO, an abbreviation for Delft Taiwanese Student Organisation is a non-membership student association voluntarily formed by Taiwanese students in TU Delft for more than 10 years. Our main mission is to help incoming Taiwanese students transition to their new life here in the Netherlands and bring together the Taiwanese student and local community.

We organise occasional gatherings for the Taiwanese community here in Delft and neighbouring cities of Den Haag and Rotterdam. In addition to helping incoming students transitioning to their new life in the Netherlands, we aim to bring together Taiwanese incoming, current students and alumnus. With a growing presence of Taiwanese students in TU Delft, our mission becomes even more important as we expect this trend to maintain its course.

Moreover, we also host events promoting Taiwanese culture to the local Dutch and international community here in Delft. With help from our embassy and local Taiwanese companies, we aim to bring the authentic Taiwanese experience from the nation where we call home.



Target audience
Bachelor/Master/PhD/PD Eng


Taiwan Culture Night

DTSO brings an authentic Taiwanese cultural experience to Delft annually by hosting Taiwan Culture Night. This event was first held in 2009 and has later become the largest Taiwanese cultural festival in South Holland. In February 2019, DTSO celebrated the 10th running of Taiwan Night, featuring bubble milk tea, braised pork rice, sesame (“Mahjong”) noodles, and many more tasty Taiwanese foods, drinks and snacks. In addition to the taste of Taiwan in the form of food, attendants have also experienced calligraphy art with writing in Traditional Han characters, alongside a Taiwanese dice game, pinball game and Mahjong “blind test” challenge. DTSO’s Taiwan Culture Night brings a glance of Taiwan’s culture and lots of fun.

Freshmen Orientation

We organise an information session back home in Taiwan for new incoming Taiwanese students.

Quarterly Gatherings

DTSO is home to Taiwanese students, and we frequently host gatherings and connect the Taiwanese community in Delft.