ESN Delft

Erasmus Student Network Delft (ESN Delft) is a non-profit organization that organizes events for international students in Delft.

Erasmus Student Network Delft (ESN Delft) is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, that organizes events for and provides services to international students in Delft.

It was founded in February of 2015 by six enthusiastic students of Delft University of Technology, that wanted to provide the amazing exchange experience they had themselves to Delft.

In June 2015 ESN Delft became an official member of the Erasmus Student Network the Netherlands (ESN the Netherlands) and the international Erasmus Student Network (ESN AISBL). ESN is the largest student association of Europe, with more than 500 sections in 40 countries, comprising tens of thousands of volunteers. The aim of ESN is to represent international students studying abroad, while making sure they get the most out of the life changing experience a stay abroad is.

Every semester we organise a lot of different activities. Citytrips to places in and outside the Netherlands, potluck dinners, parties, pub-crawls and several sport activities.

For more information about our upcoming events check our website or facebook page.

ESN Delft


Target audience


Buddy Program

A project organized by us that aims to connect arriving in Delft students with someone who has a bit more experience in Delft. Through our buddy program many have found a new social circle, close friends, and a community.

Sharity Pop Up

We are deeply concerned about sustainability and try to help out where we can. One of the projects we set up is the Sharity pop up where people who are leaving Delft (when their exchange is over) can bring their leftover stuff to us which we provide to incoming exchange students. That way the incoming students do not have to raid Ikea for items they will feel compelled to throw away or leave in their studios when they’re about to leave.

Social Erasmus

Every year we try to find opportunities to do some extra volunteering and give back to the community. Last year we have volunteered at the pop-up restaurant ‘Hartige Samaritaan’ where we helped cooking for the refugees.


Activities Committee

Activities Committee are very extraverted, energetic people! They know what a good party needs and are not afraid to see a few sunrises here and there. Without them, our social events would not nearly be as fun and entertaining, they are the driven force behind our parties, social drinks, sports days and much more.

Culture Committee

Our culture committee knows everything about the Netherlands, they can give you an amazing tour through Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, The Hague…you name it. They also organize cozy movie nights, workshops for self-development and creativity, and of course trips to museums and exhibitions.

PR Committee

Our graphics and merch are all the work of our PR committee, this group of young creatives brainstorm about our brand image, take care of our Instagram and Facebook and create amazing flyers and posters that help us spread information about our events.


ESN Delft is a team effort, the board works closely with three committees: Cultural, Activities and PR to ensure the wellbeing of students as well as the quality of our events.
Any student interested in our committees can apply through our webpage, tab ‘Become Active’.