S.B.V. Slopend is an outdoor Sports association.  Our main focus is the sport of ‘Survivalrunning’ which is a mix of trail-running while traversing different obstacles. These obstacles are mainly based on ropes, wooden beams and nets; We have our own large obstacle course at X on which we can train almost daily.

Furthermore, we enjoy being outside with all other activities. Most of our Borrels are outside next to a campfire. We practise Bush craft; going into the wild with as few gear as possible. We have monthly workshops to gain the knowledge to survive in the wild, think of fire making and how to build a shelter.

Furthermore, our members go on expeditions all over the world. Think of cannoning in Sweden, to hiking in Iran. We also have Slopend Weekends in which we go away for a Weekend to perform the outdoor activities in a forest, such as making our own shelter and mountain biking.  What truly classifies are association is a drive to get just a bit further. In September and March we have open trainings so be sure to drop by!

S.B.V. Slopend