Studying at TU Delft

Our campus offers you the two things most important for a successful education: adequate study facilities and room to relax. TU Delft has computer labs, group study spaces, coffee corners, faculty bars, sports facilities, culture, and much more. Our campus is easily accessible by public transport and only a 5 minute bike ride away from the historic city centre of Delft.

Study Facilities

As a student at TU Delft, you will be able to make use of the various study facilities provided. The faculty providing your degree programme may also provide additional facilities. 

Education and research facilities 

TU Delft has well-equipped laboratories and workstations and unique large-scale technological research facilities, such as a wind tunnel and a flight simulator. 

TU Delft Library

The central TU Delft Library is a hub of technical and scientific information in the Netherlands. It is also a magnificent piece of architecture. The collection comprises books, periodicals, conference proceedings, reports, standards and reference works. Some university faculties also have their own libraries with collections aimed at their own research. Books which are not in stock can be obtained on loan from other university libraries. 

The library catalogue can be accessed digitally via It is also possible to request books and other media from the collection. ‘Ask your library’ ( is the virtual reference service of the TU Delft Library. The staff will be happy to help you by e-mail, chat or phone. Study rooms are available for staff and students, many equipped with PCs and internet. You can reserve a study room at the reception desk with your student ID or university card. There are also 1,000 study places, some equipped with PCs, for which no reservation is needed. 

Library membership 

Everyone is welcome to use the facilities that are open to the public, such as information searches, reference works and periodicals. To request or borrow publications from the TU Delft Library’s collection you need a Library Pass. You can apply for this personal pass at the Central Library’s Information Desk or at one of the Faculty libraries. All students, staff and guests are automatically a member of TU Delft Library. Books can be borrowed with your campus card.  


As well as studying, it’s important to relax every now and then and explore your talents. X at TU Delft offers a wide range of sports and creative courses, for a friendly student price. At the start of the year, during the Free Try-Outs, you can find out which course suits you the best. Furthermore, with a broad range of activities held each month, such as the free Friday Nights with bands and DJ’s, films and workshops. There’s always something fun to do! Read more at

Food and Drinks

IT Facilities

TU Delft offers unique IT facilities: an extensive package of hardware, software and connectivity. Computers in all student houses are connected to the university network, sometimes via a high-speed optic-fibre connection enabling applications such as video on demand. What’s more, there is a special internet provider serviced by and for students, you can benefit from discounts on a laptop and download the required software free of charge. 

On this page you will find a brief introduction into the most important ones for international students. 

Laptop Project 

Every year, TU Delft organises a laptop project. This project enables new students and staff to buy a laptop at a significant discount, before the start of the new academic year. There is a choice of two models: a high-end and an ultrabook model. The high-end model has been specially selected by TU Delft and is suitable for study programmes that use powerful graphical applications. The ultrabook model was added to the range after students requested the option of a more mobile, smaller, lighter and more convenient system. The result is a more compact computer system with a lower performance (for the same price). The ultrabook model is especially suitable for people who do not require such high performance from their laptop. We keep abreast of developments with regard to laptops before selecting a new type every year. We look for an advanced, top-quality, high-end laptop that offers the best performance for the price. The performance level must at least meet the following criteria: 

  • Robust and suitable for mobile use 
  • Up-to-date configuration so that all software used during the Bachelor's phase will work without any problems 
  • Hardware repairs on campus 
  • 3-year guarantee on the laptop 

More information: Laptop Project

TU wireless network 

The eduroam wireless network is a secure campus-wide network that can be accessed inside the university buildings. With eduroam you have access to the Internet and all non-secure environments at the TU Delft. You can log in on the wireless network with different wireless configurations/institutions. 

Manuals for these configurations can be found here. To access the network you will need a TU Delft NetID. This NetID will be forwarded to you by e-mail or letter, if possible before you arrive in Delft. 

Digital learning environment 

Blackboard is a digital learning environment; a secure website featuring information on courses, learning resources and tools for teaching staff and students designed to support and enhance teaching and learning. For Blackboard you also need a NetID, with user rights. 

The key advantage of Blackboard is the way it caters to individual student needs (portal functionality can be personalised). Within the current environment, this functionality is already highly developed, offering a wide range of portal modules. 

As soon as you have access to the university student portal of Blackboard you will be able to set up your online timetable application. The video shows how this is done. 

Language Courses

Although you will be able to get around perfectly without a single word of Dutch, learning the language will open more doors for you. And it is almost essential if you want to find a job here after (or during) your studies. 

The best and fastest method for learning Dutch is offered by the university itself, a series of courses known as de Delftse methode (the Delft method). TU Delft’ s Institute of Technology & Communication offers this Dutch language course in two different versions: an intensive and an extensive course. 

Following the courses Elementary I and II and Intermediate I is free for TU students with a valid student pass. But you do have to buy the latest 4th edition of the original books (e.g. in the bookshop in the TU library); photocopies or older versions are not allowed. Candidates can register at the secretaries’ office.

Education and Student Affairs

Career Centre 

Within the Career & Counselling Services the TU Delft Career Centre team is there to help you with topics such as “(re)thinking your study”, Master options, or future career orientation. We offer a wide range of workshops and activities to enhance your skills and help you find the perfect new course, job or internship! You can make an appointment with one of our counsellors, or walk by our office for more information! 


Academic counsellors are available on every programme. They are there to offer you advice about your studies and provide help with practical questions relating to internships or exchange programmes, for example. TU Delft also has a team of central student counsellors and psychologists on hand to offer advice and help you look for suitable supervision or guidance. If required, workshops and training courses are available to improve your learning skills.