Top sport and studies

TU Delft supports students who combine their studies with elite sporting activities and invests in the development of talent in and outside the lecture halls. It's often difficult to combine a normal curriculum with an elite sports training programme. In practice, this means that you're combining two full-time activities, especially if you choose a technical programme at TU Delft with a large number of tutorials and laboratory courses. 

Combining your study with elite sports 
TU Delft provides special facilities that make it possible to combine elite sporting activities with studying for a degree. Recognised elite sports athletes may be entitled to coaching by academic counsellors and the elite sports coordinator, financial support in the form of the Graduation Support Scheme (RAS), sponsorship and the sports facilities at the Sports Unit. 

Elite sports coordinator 
To ensure that the coaching of elite sports athletes proceeds smoothly, TU Delft has an elite sports coordinator who can advise you on how to achieve a good balance between your studying and sporting activities. The elite sports coordinator is responsible for: 

  • TU Delft elite sports status applications 
  • processing and awarding such applications 
  • intake and interim interviews with TU Delft elite sports athletes 
  • planning schedules and guidance 
  • organising meetings and lectures for TU Delft elite sports athletes 

Are you an elite sports athlete at TU Delft? 
You are an TU Delft elite sports athlete if you have an official NOC*NSF status or are registered with Den Haag Topsport. For more information about the Den Haag Topsport registration, please contact Den Haag Topsport. 

Am I eligible for elite sports athlete status at TU Delft? 
To be eligible for elite sports status at TU Delft, you must put together a personal file. This can be done by filling in the elite sports form here (PDF). You can submit the form to elite sports coordinator Karlijn Lavèn – van Etten: 

The elite sports coordinator will establish whether you meet the requirements of the elite sports athlete scheme and make an appointment with you if this is indeed the case.