Frequently asked questions

What do I need to apply?

All necessary information can be found here. After applying on-line and sending in your hard copy documents, your application will first be evaluated whether it has the same level as the Dutch pre-university (VWO) diploma.

What is the selection procedure?

The selection procedure aims at a good match between the student and educational programme and focusses on the Motivation and Academic Performance of an applicant. If you want to study in our bachelor programme , you must participate in this procedure. Read here about the Steps in the Selection proces.  

I have the Dutch nationality but I have an international secondary school...

I have the Dutch nationality but I have an international secondary school diploma. Do I need to apply for the International or the Dutch application procedure?

If you have a non-Dutch secondary school diploma you have to apply for the International application procedure.

Can I apply without my final grades or the results English test?

You can apply without your final grades if you send your most recent list of grades. However your final secondary school diploma needs to be send to the International Office in June. Unfortunately it is not possible to apply without the results of your proficiency in English so make sure that you plan the English test as soon as possible so that you have the results before the application deadline. 

Can I start in spring?

Unfortunately, it is only possible to start the BSc or MSc programme of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft in September. 

What are my study costs?

All the information about the costs of your study can be found in the following link. Please note that the tuition fees increase yearly due to inflation.

Do I need to know the Dutch language?

It is not necessary to learn the Dutch language to survive in the Netherlands since most people can communicate in English. However, the university does offer some opportunities to learn the Dutch language for those interested. However the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and all MSc programmes at TU Delft are taught entirely in English. 

Does the TU Delft offer housing?

Yes, the TU Delft works together with DUWO, the housing organisation, that offers rooms with private and shared facilities. All rooms are fully furnished. Please refer to their website for an impression of the rooms offered by DUWO.