Career possibilities

After completing the Bachelor’s degree programme in Applied Earth Sciences you can transfer to one of the many follow-up Master’s degree programmes. Or you can enter the job market. Here too you have many possibilities, because in general most graduates get a job within three months (source: WO Monitor 2013 and National Alumni Survey 2015). Often they have already found their job during their studies, for instance through an internship.

Continuing your studies

Once you have completed the Bachelor’s degree programme in Applied Earth Sciences  you can choose from 18 following Master’s degree programmes at one of the three universities of technology in the Netherlands. In addition, selecting a bridging minor will qualify you for a whole range of further Master’s programmes. Would you like to go abroad to study further? With your BSc degree in your pocket, you have unlimited possibilities!

The following degree programmes at TU Delft provide the most direct transfer from your Bachelor’s: Applied Earth Sciences, Civil Engineering, System Engineering en Policy Analysis en Management and Sustainable Energy Technology.

Depending on the combination of modules that you choose, you can also transfer to Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Integrated Product Design, Media & Knowledge Engineering and Science Education & Communication.

Getting a job

Because the Earth is central to the programme. AES students choose for an international field of work with diverse jobs in or outside the office. Their future jobs are generally at big companies such as investment companies, engineering and consultancy firms and research institutes. They are also employed by the mining and energy industry.

The following jobs are among the options you can choose from:

  • Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Geophysicist
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Field Engineer

Obtaining your doctorate and doing research

Are you more interested in research? Then you can also work in the academic/scientific sector of Applied Earth Sciences. This generally begins with a PhD research project, which may or may not be in the same area as your Master’s thesis.

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